Corporate finance

Large international consultancy firms and merchant banks, which have the knowledge and have the know-how and methodology to perform the same services as Mandor, restrict their activity to the large companies segment.

Smaller companies, which do not have access to these, often turn to their auditors or lawyers, for whom strategic consultancy is a complementary activity, far removed from their core business or expertise.

Mandor specialises in strategic advice to family businesses, applying the same methods as the major M&A consultancy firms, adapted to our segment and providing personalised attention.

By contracting with Mandor you gain access to the combined expertise of its partners. Throughout their professional experience, Mandor's partners have been involved in over professional experience, have participated in more than 30 operations of sale and purchase of companies, representing the buyer and the seller, and as independent professionals advising both sides.

Mandor can lead the whole process

  • Analysis of alternatives for shareholders, to decide on the best approach
  • Information Memorandum and Business Valuation
  • Search for potential buyers
  • Company presentation and pre-negotiations, up to and including a binding offer
  • Coordination of the due diligence process
  • Negotiation of the definitive contractual agreements, until the final Closing of the Transaction