Selected clients and references

Inerga Plásticos
Plastic manufacturing

Business Plan to finance an MBI. Sale to industrial buyer.

Video duplication services

Investment proposal, financing dossier to finance new HQ. Sale to industrial buyer.

Comunicaciones Aviron

Business Plan to attract finacial partner.

Commercial Real State

Business Plan to attract finacial partner.

Broadcasting equipment

Mandor led the search for investors and coordinated the entry of a financial partner.

Distribution of frozen products

Viability Plan used by an industrial partner entry into the company.

Laboratorios de Higiene y Salud – Laboratorios Autex
Production of children's nappies

Preparation of the investment proposal and coordination of the financing of the acquisition. Sale to industrial buyer and MBO.

Grupo Unitronics
Electronics and Networking

Investment proposal. Direction of the spin-off of individual business units. Sale of a division to industrial buyer.

Don Piso
Real State

Sale to industrial buyer.

Port Fórum

Project finance.