Strategic consulting

Strategic plans, feasibility studies and diagnostics

Clearly, a company is best known to its owner. This extensive knowledge means, however, that essential aspects of the business are sometimes overlooked.

Mandor has extensive experience in preparing the necessary information so that any shareholder, investor, financial institution or client can quickly obtain a good, clear and complete picture of a company or project.

It is not enough to present a snapshot of a company's situation; it is necessary to make future projections with contrasted and verified hypotheses.

Both in the case of new projects and consolidated companies, Mandor can carry out market studies and provide operational advice to help make the corporate project a reality.


A proper valuation of a company or project is the first step to access the capital market.

As part of a larger work, or as a stand-alone assignment, Mandor can carry out a full valuation of the business or project, using generally accepted criteria and benchmarking against similar transactions in the market.

Information memorandums

A good Information Memorandum simplifies and facilitates the sale of a business. It is the best way to understand the needs of the shareholders and to determine the profile of the best buyer or investor for the company.

Mandor can manage the entire sales process (see Corporate Finance) or simply produce the documentation that serves as a basis for the presentation of the company by third parties.

In any case, a complete and professional document makes it easier to negotiate with potential buyers or investors: presenting clear and verified information translates into greater confidence from the outset.